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It’s been a while since we blogged Frank. How could we resist this time when the Franklanders have devoted almost a full page to the Wolfville CAO vacation/resignation debacle in their latest issue.

For those saving up to pay their taxes and unable to meet the cover price we offer a lengthy excerpt here.

“What a way to say goodbye!”

For the record, Roy Brideau did not take a Trudeau-esque walk in the snow before his February 9 resignation as Wolfville CAO. But he may have enjoyed a thoughtful stroll along a sunny beach.

The Royster was hanging his Tilley hat in Florida when he submitted his Farewell John letter to mayor Bob Stead and Co. , 12 days into a vacation originally scheduled to last nine weeks. Nine friggin weeks! …

According to the long-abandoned Roy Brideau answering machine inside the always secretive Wolfville town hall [wasn’t the acting CAO answering the phone? Ww], the senior municipal official responsible for a $7 million annual budget is “on leave” and “returning April 4 ”

[or March 28  – or April 15. They can’t get their story straight. Ww]

On January 24, four days before Roy departed for the Sunshine State, MacKenzie County [Alberta] Council passed a motion to begin contract negotiations with its selected CAO candidate.

Niether Roy nor Mayor Bob has returned my call, so I can’t say for sure whether Roy actually had the job in the bag all those weeks ago but I can tell you that the town is paying Roy full salary during his Florida sojourn, and he is even interrupting his holiday to toil two days a week … on town business.

Wolfville, which prides itself on its fair-trade policies, awards Roy a Cadillac pension plan that is even more generous than the one enjoyed by our MLAs.

While MLAs put 10% of their earnings into a retirement pot, Roy antes up 18% ( about $18,000-per) , a sum that is now entirely funded by the town. (Frank 590) [Emph ours]

A town council source tells me Roy gave absolutely no signs he wanted a change of scenery… He adds the CAO’s extended absence should not impact budget talks [!] since a small-town budget “is not that complex.” [That councillor should tell us again then, why we need a CAO that costs $100,400!!! Ww]

An executive headhunter is now scouring the nation’s finest country clubs and executive golf courses to bag a brand new Roy … [Wonder whether the new CAO will be spotted golfing at KenWo 4 afternoons a week too!Ww]

A companion piece also refers to Brideau.

I skype, U skype, lol

Roy fled winter in Wolfville and escaped to Florida, while David [ NSCAD Prezzie David B. Smith] took flight from frigid Halifax to sojourn in sunny South Africa. That both men could enjoy extended jaunts away from Jack Frost, and still be gainfully employed, is thanks entirely to the marvel of modern technology known as Skype. … As I reported in Frank 604, the golden-hued David is an avid Skyper, using the new technology to keep in constant touch with his cash-strapped bohemian arts college. Roy appears to be more selective… On February 9, Wolfville town council held a special meeting which began at 5:07 p.m. when computer geek Jeff Hensahw explained to all the hippy Ludites in attendance how Skype allowed Roy to be present here, even though he was actually there, down in the Sunshine State.

At 6:05, the minutes record the following gem:” Roy Brideau, Chief Administrative Officer, had left the meeting and did not return.” …

So there’s the story, Frank style.

It’s a wonder there aren’t marches in the streets over this scandal. One can’t find a much clearer indication of bad governance.

We hope we have inspired you to pick up a copy of Frank . The Brideau article is on page 15 and there is other stuff of interest –  like the article on Ramona Jennex on page 21 [Frank has her new executive assistant – not from her constituency – on the hypocrite of the year list]


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  1. Perhaps MacKenzie County would like a two for one deal, you know, a CAO plus a slightly used Mayor…