We would like to correct ourselves.  We said:

It would be a revelation indeed  if Council is able to clarify, to any linear thinking person’s satisfaction, the details surrounding how and why the CAO asked for and got a lengthy holiday, then submitted a resignation, and at some point agreed to a 2/3 work week managed from a holiday cruise boat. This will be quite a trick, somewhat akin to unscrambling an egg.

Apparently eggs CAN be unscrambled.

In camera meetings can turn into public meetings at the wave of a wand, missing motions can appear seemingly ex nihilo, illegalities can be made “legal”, time can be rearranged, all is possible with the right magician.

Of course rewriting history can be a bit awkward when there are witnesses yet living.


Honest intellectual debate benefits any society where its practice is allowed. The key element is honesty. … the arrogance of intellect too often is the smart bomb dropped squarely on empirical evidence. … The refusal to accept the goodwill of one’s opponents – as a starting point for honest debate — is an all too common device employed by the anointed


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