High Tech

High Tech for them but not for us.

Wolfville’s IT consultant, Jeff Hanshaw, is implementing a province-wide conferencing system that will allow municipal employees to hold regional meetings – without leaving the office.

Hanshaw has set up a tabletop device at town hall that allows for voice, video and data collaboration. With support from the Association of Municipal Administrators (AMA), he is linking to other municipal units. [Read more]

But Council just voted down having audio of meetings accessible online for the public.

BTW we believe Jeff is the guy who helped the mayor with his campaign last municipal election.


8 responses to “High Tech

  1. William Zimmerman

    Council, in fact, voted to make council recordings available and to permit other town committee to make recordings available should the committee wish to do so.

    • The motion to have audio online was defeated. The motion passed “allowed it” (which was always the case) if they want to – and they don’t want to. This is like saying to the MLAs ” we will monitor your expense accounts but only if you want us to.”

  2. William Zimmerman

    The motion “allowed it” for other committees but required it for council. You need to check your sources.

    • Online? Wow! We apologize profusely. And look forward to hearing the audio of Council meetings online very soon. Perhaps you will alert us when the first one is uploaded.

  3. William Zimmerman

    It might be appropriate to actually put up a correction for your item that was factually wrong.

    • When we have some evidence we were wrong we might do that. We await the first online audio minutes of a Council meeting.
      And your comments – a correction of a sort – if they are correct- have been approved. Your comments are visible for all readers to see.

      • I guess we will know when the minutes for the meeting appear with the text of the approved resolution. I looked on the Council website, didn’t find anything. Perhaps I looked wrong?

        I wonder if the audio will be put on line in real time?