Meeting alert

We are mentally drained after a lost weekend and having to face another Monday. But we have this to offer from David Daniels who sends alerts to us from time to time.

At tomorrow night’s meeting the agenda includes:

The mayor’s report.  Perhaps he will discuss the issue of the CAO’s extended vacation and resignation.  I understand the CAO will be working a few days a week from Florida.  Perhaps the mayor can explain how the CAO can fulfill his functions from afar.

The clock park design will be discussed and likely be approved at a cost of $150,000.00.  There was in reserve $125,000.00.  Now  that is down to $115,000.00 when you subtract the cost of the designing.  How can the high cost be justified?  Will the Councilors justify this expenditure before voting in its favour?

There will also be a vote on a policy to have the audio record of the council meeting made available on the internet.  This is a good step to making the government more open and accountable.  Not to complain, but I might ask why this has taken years to accomplish.


It would be a revelation indeed  if Council is able to clarify, to any linear thinking person’s satisfaction, the details surrounding how and why the CAO asked for and got a lengthy holiday, then submitted a resignation, and at some point agreed to a 2/3 work week managed from a holiday cruise boat. This will be quite a trick, somewhat akin to unscrambling an egg.

Will Council also reveal where the CAO will be using his special talents next?

For fun try this.
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My lunch break is over. Back to work.


One response to “Meeting alert

  1. I thought the design was being contracted out for $15k — which would leave $110k in the reserve? One should also consider the cost of staff time expended on this blather without achievement.

    Thus far, we have one tree planted. In Newfoundland they’d grow it with a capelin carcase. I guess our Mayor has more expensive tastes, preferring to fertilize with the ashes of burned cash.