Obesity is a big issue right now and many people are very concerned. So are we.    Consider this:

Wage increases doled out to federal and provincial public servants have nearly doubled those given to private-sector employees in the past decade, according to a new report that calls on governments to take a closer look at efficiency among their ranks of workers.

Shocking indulgence isn’t it?
…federal public servants’ wages rose by 59%, outpacing the average worker. Provincial government workers came in at a close second with a 55% rise. Overall, wage growth for federal and public administrators dwarfs the weekly 30% economy-wide wage growth, and shows the civil servants have seen faster boosts than any other industry. The study excludes health care and education workers and looks solely at administrators .
They don’t mention Municipal public servants but you can bet… never mind, let’s go on. Why would this be?

…political scientists and economists have long said there are political reasons for government workers getting “unusually large annual raises.”“In sort, public sector unions are able to exert influence over government policy to extract ‘economic rents’” — an economic term for compensation above the market value of their labour. Read more:

Really? How?  Why? This is a very interesting question which people should think very carefully about. Why would our political, elected people unduly protect and benefit staff, the people who are supposed to work for all of us,  instead of working for the benefit of the people who elected them and who ultimately pay them all. What’s in it for them?
It is time everyone went on a wage diet. You can’t have a big appetite in someone else’s refrigerator…

In recent years, provinces have targeted employee wallets in an effort to save money. Last spring, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced a two-year freeze on public sector wages for one million service workers, which represents about 16% of the province’s workforce. The move was made to help dig the government out of its nearly $19-billion deficit 

Coming, hopefully, to a town near us. And we are not talking of the lowly front line people- we are talking about upper mis management.
Spot the shot.

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  1. I’m befuddled by publicly funded pension schemes. They come in so many flavours and some of them are very rich, for those who are politically favoured. All animals are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others…