Right wing?

Municipal salaries are out of control. No wonder our cities are struggling and in debt. Not ALL salaries of course. Mostly the ones at the “top”.

Salaries paid to senior managers at the city of Montreal and the city’s transit authority are “out of control,” with some executives pocketing raises and bonuses totalling up to 12 per cent when the average pay increase for city employees is two per cent, Projet Montréal city councillors charged on Wednesday. …The best-paid of all those on the list is STM director general Yves Devin, whose eight-per-cent raise in 2009 allowed him to make $313,188 in 2010, more than twice the salary paid to Mayor Gérald Tremblay.

Take a look at the chart. Raises of 8, 13, 23, and 31 %.  Is that senior management or senior mismanagement? At least the councillors are on to it. There is denial of course.

But the head of human resources at city hall says Montreal does not give bonuses to its managers and the opposition party has misinterpreted how bureaucrats are awarded pay raises. Meanwhile, the vice-chairperson of the Société de transport de Montréal says the transit authority’s pay scales are comparable with similar organizations and warned Projet Montréal “not to alarm the public with a right-wing discourse that can only harm public transit.” [emph ours]

So there you have it: Curbing extravagant salaries, fiscal control, concern for the taxpayer is “right wing” .

One response to “Right wing?

  1. I guess it all boils down to your definition of “public transit”. Is it the act of transporting people, or is it a commie organization that has badged itself “public transit” because that’s a good-sounding pretext for pilfering the public purse?