CAO says ciao!

The news is all over town so you have probably already heard that the CAO, Roy Brideau has resigned and the Town has “reluctantly” accepted his resignation.

It must have been something of a shock to Mayor and Council having just “approved” [if that is the right word] an unusual 8 week paid leave based on this year’s and next year’s employment!

The bombshell was revealed to councillors, we presume, at an in camera meeting which took place earlier the same night that residents gathered to give input on budget priorities for the coming year.  Secrecy was a big concern we hear. The Advertiser was given the press release denying Ww the chance of a scoop!

That’s okay – the real news is yet to come as there are lots of questions yet to be answered.

  • Can paid leave, once “authorised” [if it was!] be taken back given that it is based on vacation days to be earned by employment  – this year and next- which will now go unfulfilled?
  • Does Mr. Brideau’s overly generous contract also allow for severance even if he resigns before his contract expires?
  • If so, should councillors have accepted his resignation? Were councillors aware of all financial ramifications before making that decision?

We wonder if what’s his name, the new financial director, is thinking he should check the silver drawer and count the spoons.


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