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We follow news of the Atlantica Party as we are hopeful that this party might eventually be an alternative to the “same old, same old”.  Here is a recent notice from the AP which may be of interest to readers. We’ve interspersed our comments.

‘People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.’

A very timely quote given the developments in Egypt.

Moving Forward
We are planning on running in all of Nova Scotia’s ridings in the next election. Our number of committed candidates is growing. Mr. Mappin, our provincial organizer, is busy creating riding associations. Contact him at

TV interview
On Thursday Feb 3 at 7pm on Eastlink’s channel 10 see an interview with Jonathan Dean

Here Ch. 5 is the Community Cable channel.

In the News
January has been a busy month. Check out our new In The News feature on our updated web site.

Our blog has moved!
The Avalon Blog, Reasoned Political Commentary for Atlantic Canadians from the Atlantica Party, has moved to its own domain
Please update your links.

We have updated our link in our Atlantic blog section. There is comment on the Greenwich issue worth reading. That decision btw is tonight.


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