Mud Creek News III

Here is the last in the series of articles from the latest issue of the Mud Creek News. We are sorry to see Mr. Becker leave MCN. We hope publication continues.

This article is again by David Daniels. It is short but we thought it deserved separate attention.

Clock Park Costs

David A. Daniels

Angela Morin, the landscape architect who is working on the plans for the Clock Park, reported to Community Development Committee on January 20th that revisions to the plans have the lowered the costs to $150,000.00.  That is still $25,000.00 more than what’s in the Town’s reserve fund for this project.

It was not made clear whether Ms. Morin’s fees have already been paid out of the reserve fund.  Why wasn’t Ms. Morin asked to produce a plan that matched the money the Town had set aside in the reserve fund, $125,000.00?  One of the members of the CDC suggested that the plan be reworked so that it could be implemented in discrete stages over an extended period of time.

[Question; There was some money raised from the public for this park a few years back. Whatever happened to that money? Is that money in the reserve fund? Ww]


2 responses to “Mud Creek News III

  1. We could put out a tweet, and walk like Egyptians in front of town hall. As far as the money goes, money what money? Oh that money, well there is a tree and two benches.

  2. Yesterday, at the risk of sudden brain-death, I was watched a Senate hearing while doing my evening workout. Jiggered if they didn’t have a presentation about using willows to do things like remediate land that had been contaminated by petrol stations, or whatever. Heck, you can even use the biomass for fuel… and the trees grow better the more bulls____ you feed them!

    Just a thought, I would be happy to poke a few willow sticks into the ground and just let it grow from there. No charge.