Mud Creek News II

There were two other articles in the Mud Creek News beside the one by Lutz Becker already posted; here is the first of two articles by David Daniels. This one is on the issue of Committee member selection and is posted as received.


David A. Daniels

Section 24 of the Municipal Government Act states that “council may appoint persons” to committees.  Section 1(c) of the Community Development Committee policy specifies that Council shall appoint the members of the committee.

This is how the Town operates:  The Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, CAO and Clerk reviewed the applications to the new super committee, Community Development.  (Were some members recruited?  What criteria was used?)  These four selected a slate of candidates which Council members could vote for or against.  Why wasn’t Keith Irving, Chairperson of the now defunct Planning committee or Jim Laceby, Chairperson of the now defunct Economic and Community Development committee asked to participate in the “selection” process?  What qualifies the CAO or Clerk to choose what members of the public should serve on a committee?

I could find no policy on the website which sets out the mechanism for committee members selection.   The statute is clear: the Council, and only the Council, has the authority to select committee members.  Because the Mayor (and the CAO?) seem make policy where there is none, it may be time to devise a policy which allows council members to play an active and central role in member selection.

[We would add that the final vote on the pre-selected slate was apparently made by secret ballot.Why? Ww]



2 responses to “Mud Creek News II

  1. I nominate Mr Daniels and Mr Becker to the Development Committee, and Mr Irving for Mayor! We need people who care enough, and know enough, to make a credible effort.

  2. I’ll second that, Mr. Sanderson