Did we hear that right?

The NS MLA pension issue is really hotting up. Dexter’s government is the one to face the music.

The NS plan is extremely generous.

“This is, if not the [most], one of the most lucrative across the country,”

Pressure has been building to have the pension terms reviewed and to have the review independently led. The opposition is piling on of course.

Baillie … said this morning that he wants the panel’s work to be as independent as possible, and that means not having any politicians involved in drafting the panel’s terms of reference.

We thought we heard Mr. Baillie say on TV, in reference to the need for the pension review to be at arm’s length,  that nowhere else in Canada can workers sit and decide on the terms of their own pensions? Hello. What about Wolfville?!  Not only that, here they set their own vacation policy too.


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