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Spot the shot

One person took offense.


Sandra Finley refused to complete the census because American company Lockheed Martin was awarded the contract to collect and store the data.

Finley says she doesn’t trust the company with her private information and is opposed to the company’s weapons production work.

Finley argues there’s a Charter right to privacy and she shouldn’t be forced to complete the census.

“Comprehensive files on citizens are a characteristic of fascist, militaristic states,” Finley said from Saskatoon on Thursday after being convicted. …Finley expects to be sentenced Jan. 20. She faces a maximum penalty of a $500 and three months in jail.

Got those? How about this one?

A new study is urging lawmakers not to let science get in the way of sound [sic] policy when it comes to laws on children’s exposure to second-hand smoke in cars.

Too subtle?

This one’s a triple whammy:   Another Dam o Mary River Cod and development on a flood plain?

to cut a long story short, when the january rains came, SEQ Water which manages the dams [he means mis-manages the dams] , have had to release huge amounts of water from wivenhoe (some say an amount equal to the waters flowing in from the catchment area) at the very time wivenhoe should have been taking the flood waters in. hence the brisbane river peaked and low-lying areas were flooded similar to 1974. we might as well not have built wivenhoe. it’s a complete disgrace, [comment at WUWT]

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  1. Re census: Governments and marketeers both know far too much about us.

    Re floods:
    Construction and management of dams in Australia is an extremely difficult issue because of the huge climatic variability (far greater than here where the seasons dominate). Management and construction would be entirely different depending upon whether you are:
    (1) trying to capture water to get you through the droughts
    (2) trying to provide a buffer for flooding
    (3) trying to provide a “natural” environment

    In Australia, major climatic cycles have duration similar to a human lifetime. European culture (which still dominates Australia) has a strongly seasonal bias. Mostly, politicians pay little regard to science unless it happens to confirm the populist view that they are following/marketing. In view of these things, screw ups become inevitable… but, with luck, they happen on the next guy’s watch.

    • It appears that those in charge kept water use low and increased the percentage of water behind the dam to very high levels, well past the 60% trigger. They didn’t seem to believe in climate cycles, instead seemed so very sure there would be drought not floods.

      Wivenhoe, Somerset and North Pine dams were at 94.6 per cent late yesterday and rising and it is the first time the dams have held so much water since July 2001.

      But Premier Anna Bligh and water managers say there will be no easing of permanent water saving measures.

      “We can’t be complacent and we must treat water as a precious resource not to be wasted whether our dams are 50 or 100 per cent,” Ms Bligh said.

      “I think the public understands how important water conservation is and have adopted water saving measures as part of the daily lives. One of the reasons the dams are now at 93.8 per cent capacity is because of the community’s water conservation efforts.

      And ” With a dry winter predicted by the National Climate Centre, supplies were expected to drop about 6 per cent over the cooler months of the year.”

      That was March. By October, three dams were at near 100% capacity. As a result when rain continued they had no capacity left to hold it and had to release it. Residents suffered twice – restrictions for much longer than needed and then floods. They might as well have saved the money and not built the dams at all as they negated both purposes – retaining water in wet times to use in periods of drought and flood mitigation – for which they had been built.

      A gigantic fail on all fronts.

      • Dam infrastructure was really designed for a time when human population was much lower. Australians are beginning to ask the critical question, how many people can their desert continent support while still affording each citizen a modern lifestyle?

        In April of 2010, Australia’s government actually appointed a Population Minister. This was done so that Australians could hear arguments for and against the historically high immigration levels and baby bonuses that have been used to drive Australia’s population rapidly upwards…

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