Flip flops

Our ever creative MP Scott Brison is giving the boots to the government over the economy. This is to be expected we suppose.

Liberal MP Scott Brison held a news conference on Friday morning to say Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will unjustly try to take credit for Canada’s sound financial and banking system when he gives a speech in Washington next week.

“This Conservative government wrecked Canada’s finances after inheriting a $13-billion budget surplus from the previous Liberal government and then created a record $56-billion deficit,” the opposition finance critic said.

“Furthermore, it was our Liberal government that ensured our banking system was well-regulated and it was the strong financial prudence and regulatory prudence that protected Canada from the worst of the global financial crisis.”

But may we point out this writing from when the shoe was on the other party foot?

PAUL MARTIN-A PC VIEW              Scott Brison

Paul Martin is widely credited for having presided over a period of economic expansion and deficit elimination, but these advances in the Canadian economy were more the results of the decisions and policies of the Mulroney government.

Meanwhile, Martin neglects to counter serious economic problems that developed during his watch, including a flagging dollar slow productivity growth and elevated household debt. These oversights should be seen as his true legacy

…The deficit did disappear under Martin’s watch, but that had more to do with the bold initiatives taken by his predecessors than anything done by his government. Whereas the Mulroney government focused on policies to prepare Canada to prosper in the 21st century, the Chretien-Martin government has focused on short-term politics, not long- term policies for growth and prosperity. …

Mr. Brison is a party animal. We do not therefore believe him whatever he says.


Casey never did endorse Baillie’s lead­ership, never provided a friendly salute upon his ascension, unchallenged, to the leader’s post. They are not friends, to put it mildly.

On Monday, Casey told me in an in­terview that she had not been considering a run for the permanent leader’s job. “No, I was not,” she insisted, tossing it off as being unable to take a stand one way or the other while she held the interim post.

I don’t believe that. I think she was organizing and getting ready to go when the waves of innuendo hit.

We have a question. Is there any credible conservative leadership in this province?

One response to “Flip flops

  1. As I recall, it was Stephane Dion (with his almost-coalition) that was pushing the Harper Government to spend, spend, spend, and spend some more. Most of that money was wasted on “shovel-ready stuff” that has done nothing to make Canada more productive/competitive relative to other nations.

    Canada is fortunate in having a lot of natural resources per person. That is the basis of our economic well-being.

    If anything about the economy works, it is not because of politicians, it is in spite of politicians.