Don’t rely on government

Some fiscal advice and predictions from Bob Hoye:

…It comes back to the individual, look after your balance sheet as best you can, work as hard as you can and save as much as you can. Also protest your government’s greedy demand for taxes. The tide is shifting away from Government authoritarian initiatives. All the nonsense about stimulus has just been dream world stuff. It’s time that the public then starts to say look you guys are crazy experimenters at the central bank level so just stop experimenting with our future. We have this other very straight forward condition whereby many folks are tightening their belts at home then they look at the extravagance of cities. I saw a study the other day that points out that taxation at the city level is soaring. For what reason? The public is going to say to the cities you tighten your belt as well. Then they’ll look at the provinces and states and say you are not going to live the good life when I’m having to be thrifty. Finally to the federal level. This is very exciting times for the individual as they will discover that they can really run things. [Money Talks – emph ours]

via  SDA

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Nineteenth Century liberals, so rational and principled in their views, could not have imagined the greedy craft developed by many modern governments in confiscating private wealth earned by productively working citizens. Are we seeing medieval financial tyranny replicated by today’s proponents of the divine right of bureaucrats? A look at history provides perspective. …


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