Heading south?

Off to Florida? Take your parka. NOAA reports that [pdf!]

Despite the record hot summer, average yearly temperatures at the main climate sites will end up around 1 degree below normal, which will be the coolest calendar year since the early and mid 1980s, and among the top 10 on record (except for Miami). At secondary sites Miami Beach and Moore Haven, it was the coolest year on record…

Have you been hearing it is warm in the north?

Lows outnumbered highs by a factor of 19 (336/18=18.6 ~19). That’s quite the cold snap.*

The coldest?

Deadhorse, Alaska,  on Sunday, 26 Dec 2010 at -40°F beating -38°F set in 1984 [WUWT]


Ooops! Is that one of our resolutions broken already?



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