Our New Year’s resolutions

It is traditional at this time of year to look forward and make resolutions to improve.  Who are we to buck tradition? So, in 2011 we at Ww resolve to:

  • make fewr typoos – because they make us look dum.
  • stop taking potshots at the mayor – because it’s too easy and it probably hurts his feelings.
  • stop exposing the silliness of the “blame CO2” crowd – because who are we to disillusion them in their happy ignorance.
  • hang out at the Just Us coffee shop- because it’s quiet there; everyone is glued to their laptops.
  • stand on the PO lawn with a make war not love “make love not war” sign  – for that “I belong” feeling.
  • reveal our identity – because doesn’t everyone know already?
  • stop wasting time on this stupid blog – because what’s the use anyway. OR alternatively,  join the WordPress ” post every day” challenge -just because.

Like most New Year’s Resolutions these will no doubt end up being ignored.

Readers are encouraged to inform us of their own useless resolutions for our amusement.


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