Worldly Wolfville

Yesterday we read the “love letter” [his words] to Acadia written by the mayor [he did write it, right?] published prominently in the Chronicle Herald. We almost swooned, didn’t you? We have since recovered enough to comment.

It was a hard choice but from among the large number of romantic sentences in this paean to academia, this is still our favorite.

We know by experience that bringing visitors to town is an essential way to maintain and grow the unique creativity, worldliness and dynamic culture that is Wolfville, in addition to having a major impact on the local economy.

We think this uniquely creative, dynamically cultural and worldly “thank you” note, worthy of an Acadia graduate,  deserves a major award.

There is good news though, almost buried in poetic prose; we learn that Wolfville is “humming along nicely” and so, it seems, is Acadia. Whew! What a relief.  We take this to mean that town taxes will not have to double after all and Acadia will meet its payroll.

The iAcadia app looks vaguely useful for newbie students and profs. Only available via iTunes store. Pity.

Note to CH editors: Shouldn’t the headline to the speech writer’s mayor’s open letter read – “Thanks a million Acadia and the Harrison McCain Foundation“?


2 responses to “Worldly Wolfville

  1. It seems that Mayor Stead and I might actually have something in common. Who would have guessed? A romantic attachment to Acadia U…

    Still, municipal romance does not extend to the hip pocket. We read, in the report from the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force, … if the Town was to receive a grant-in-lieu for taxes for the institutional buildings [of Acadia U] … it would gain an additional $4,793,460 in tax revenue.

    Perhaps I have misunderstood Mayor Stead? Perhaps the exorbitant property taxation which he demands of me is really just his way of demonstrating how much he loves me?

    Speaking of the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force, I see that there is to be a Public Meeting on 6 January 2011 at Town Hall, 6:30-8:30 pm. Presumably this meeting is to make up for the cancellation on 14 Dec 2010. The canceled meeting was to be held at the Fire Hall and included an invitation for All Wolfville residents … to attend and participate!. It is noted that the meeting has been moved to a smaller venue and residents are no longer invited to participate. Well, that puts an end to my romance with Mayor Stead. Mr Mayor, I just can’t love you any longer.

    • Re Fiscal Sustainability Task Force public meeting – A number of people have noticed that Jan 6 meeting date and wondered the same thing. If it is a replacement the town certainly doesn’t want it advertised. With the new uber committee in place we fear Councillor Irving has been side-lined and the report/warning will gather dust on a shelf