Everyone loses

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation hasn’t got good news for us in Nova Scotia. Not that it is any surprise.

Most working Canadians will pay more both in income and payroll taxes in 2011, with Ontarians, British Columbians and Nova Scotians the hardest hit, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation says in a study released on Tuesday. …

“This year, everyone loses,” he said. “Although, some more than others. [ Nat. Po.]

“Some more than others.” That’s us.

While its neighbour New Brunswick made outstanding advances in lowering and flattening income taxes last year, Nova Scotia became even less competitive this year with an average 2.8 per cent hike. That will cost a dual income family making $60,000, 2.9 per cent, or $345 more.”
And the Town of Wolfville will  be upping its property taxes by some order of magnitude as well. Which level of government will it be easiest to convince it needs to control its spending addiction? Perhaps residents will mention tax concerns to councillors they see at the New Years Levee – if there is a Levee, that is.

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