Mud Creek News cont’d

The last few articles from the December issue of the Mud Creek News follow without added comment, except to say that they raise questions which will undoubtedly remain unanswered. They are short but not unimportant.


David A. Daniels

MCN has been accused of reporting just bad news or only criticizing the Town. Here is the good news:

Consistent with the Town’s strategy in favour of public participation, I was informed at a Committee of Council meeting that the Town was looking into placing recordings of the Town Council meetings on the internet, in some form such as podcasts.  Presently, if you wish to listen to a recording, you have to arrange to listen to it at the Town Hall.  For those who do not work, that may not be an issue, but for others, having a podcast, etc. of the meetings may be a public participation and awareness boon.



David A. Daniels

The Town adopted for the first time a conference and membership policy at its November 15th Council meeting.

One provision provides that the Mayor or his designee and three Councillors may attend the annual Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference.  There was no discussion about the pros or cons of sending four representatives from the Town at the November 15th Council meeting.

I usually don’t complain about sending elected officials to conferences; they are paid little enough.  But I do like to know the reasons behind decisions.

P.S. Lutz E. Becker

I wouldn’t mind to see the majority of Wolfville Councillors sent to meetings of the provincial counterpart, UNSM, which takes place in Nova Scotia only. Here they might find some missing governing aspects from neighbouring municipalities.

They obviously have not read and/or understood the final report of the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force stating that Wolfville has been governed into a very dire financial situation, projecting drastic tax increases for its residents.

To send four Councillors across Canada, while all the presentations held at these federal meetings are usually on the internet anyhow, proves again the Town’s waste of tax payers’ money.


David A. Daniels

At the afternoon December 06, 2010 Committee of Council meeting, a report concerning extension of lounge hours was introduced and discussed.

Because I knew Joe Rafih was interested in the matter, I called him that morning to make sure he was aware of the upcoming meeting.  I asked if he was aware of the meeting and if anyone from Town government had called him.  The answer to both questions was “no”.  He attended the meeting and spoke about the lounge hour issue during the after-meeting question period.

At the meeting were two representatives from an Annapolis Valley health promotion group. One of these representatives spoke against the proposal to extend lounge hours.

This incident raises questions which Councillors should be asking: Why weren’t all lounge owners notified?  Was the health promotion group informed of the meeting by anyone from the Town, and if so, by whom?

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  1. Keeping track of Council machinations is a lot of work. Just as well we have Mr Daniels keeping an eye on things… and that is good news for the rest of us.