Til we meet again

We experienced little damage apart from a lengthy power outage in Monday’s recent wind and rain storm. We are afraid some Wolfvillians did not fare as well.

One good thing though – the ill timed Dec. 14th meeting to air [good word that!] Wolfville’s  Fiscal Sustainability Task Force Report was, naturally, canceled.  No word as yet on when it will be rescheduled. Let us hope it is at a more auspicious time.

In the meantime Ww readers might be interested in the comments of one resident who planned to attend and give input, including correction of errors spotted in the report. Here is the link.

There is a new [December] issue of the Mud Creek News out too. Now that we have our computer back on juice, we will be posting some of the contents in our next post, just in case  [……. fill in the blank with the most likely suspect  …..]  has trashed all the Post Office copies.



One response to “Til we meet again

  1. Thank you Brian, your thoughts breathe fresh air into smelly mess. Nothing IDLE here that needs to be shut down.