What can we expect?

According to the Register Barry Corbin was voted into Berwick’s Town Council  in the Dec. 4rth by-election with “154 votes out of the 424 cast”.  So 270 people voted for someone else! He “won” with only 36%  of the votes cast. BUT worse than that,  75%  of the town’s eligible voters didn’t vote!  Mr. Corbin can hardly consider he has a mandate with the approval of little more than 9% of Berwick residents.


One response to “What can we expect?

  1. It takes some effort to caste a well-informed vote. Yet, there is little likelihood that any particular vote will be of consequence. One concludes, therefore, that it is irrational to vote!

    This may explain why a majority don’t vote. Call me irrational, I just can’t agree with the majority.