Wolfville’s leaders are transparent!  Yes, they are. Really.

The open letter we got in the mail from the chair of the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force is only the latest example of intent which is apparent to everyone. The town worthies (after outlining again the dire situation we find ourselves in, which we saw coming and warned them about for some years to no avail) now say they want  residents to “advise Council on the challenges” the town is facing.  They would “like our thoughts on the findings”,  and our ideas, the flyer says. So, we are invited to a public meeting, get this, at 6:30 pm on Tuesday Dec. 14th!!!

They chose a weekday, early evening, in one of the busiest weeks in the year for everyone and everyone’s dogsbody.  This for a meeting to give input on a report which has been out for months!!!!

OR you can spend your valuable time instead putting together a written submission, because if you are too busy to come to the meeting you will have time to do that won’t you? Now if their thinking behind this isn’t absolutely clear what is?

This is just as transparent as the strategy of having the only meetings where townspeople can ask questions on Monday afternoons at 1:30 pm.

Yes, they are as clear as crystal. We can see right through them.


4 responses to “Transparency

  1. Since my time is not valuable, I have already sent a written submission. I did it shortly after the final fiscal sustainability report was presented. Among other things, I noted that the report seemed to have the colour coding mixed up in Figure 1, page 9. For example, Wolfville has the highest per capita operating cost but is colour coded as the lowest!

    I had hoped that Council staff might have been corrected such typo’s for the benefit of other citizens. Silly me…

    I note that the per capita operating cost for Wolfville is an outrageously high $2,011. Meanwhile, this festering pustule has grown into a malignant tumor, given recently added staff. The latest twerp was hired to waste our dime and time by playing study circles on the transportation merry-go-round. Remember, that’s the one that wrote
    “… the study circle process helps overcome people’s lack of information and feelings of inadequacy in the face of complex problems.”
    Perhaps Our Lord The Mayor prefers his minions to be lobotomized?

    Council has made its position clear. Council prefers to hire ever more pointless all-talk and do-nothing staff to drive up operating costs and use “infrastructure debt” as an excuse to suck upon our bled-dry tax-payer corpses.

  2. As usual Brian right on. These “men” are out of control. Why do we have to wait another couple of years to get rid of them. Their spending is out of control, they hold meeting at the most inconvenient times. Why don’t WE the citizens (revolt) hold a meeting at OUR convenience and tell THEM what WE want.

    • I am going to make a special effort to get to this 14 Dec meeting and I hope that they allow me to address the meeting. I agree that it might be better to meet in a way that is not stage-managed by Council+staff+consultants. Ultimately we have to convince Council or change Council…