Quotation of the day

“You do not lose your rights when you acquire Alzheimer’s.”

So stated the Toronto Ombudsman, Fiona Crean. But should City staffers have to be reminded not to bully and stonewall anybody, let alone a confused senior?

In her report, Crean found a city inspector and his supervisor ran roughshod over the woman, identified only as Ms W,, 75, whose obvious dementia made plain she could not understand what was happening, by chopping down her decades-old tree for no sound reason and stiffing her with the $4,800 bill.

“The inspector was cavalier and dismissive throughout,” Crean wrote in a report, released Thursday.

“(Municipal Licensing and Standards) was unreasonable, improperly discriminatory, unjust and mistaken in both law and fact.”

When the woman’s son, Mr, Y, tried to intervene in the case, he was ignored and stonewalled, with dozens of calls and e-mails disregarded over months.

Information that could have helped the woman and her son save the tree was withheld, Crean found.

For some strange reason this reminds us of service standards  in Wolfville. Maybe it’s the tree cutting part, maybe it’s the stonewalling part, maybe it’s the bullying part, or maybe all three!

The new Toronto mayor wants such employees fired.

They should be dismissed,” the mayor said, after Toronto Ombudsman Fiona Crean released a scathing report on the case.

“I can’t tolerate behaviour like that,” he said.

Ford made customer service his first priority and says he’s going to insist on staff returning citizens’ calls and e-mails promptly.

How’s that for a new concept of municipal service? We hope this mayoral attitude gets spread around at the next High Powered Expensive Municipal Conference.

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2 responses to “Quotation of the day

  1. What happened to common sense? Really, was there any need for any of this to have ever happened?

    I don’t totally agree with the ombudsman. In particular, I doubt the wisdom of developing “a policy …. addressing the needs of residents with dementia or diminished capacity”. This business of codifying life’s every little detail is just another way of absolving staffers of any requirement to exercise a little sense.

    Once again, we see an expensive non-solution to a real problem that was conjured out of pure ??heck, I don’t know it was conjured out of?? What on earth were they thinking when they chopped down the ladies tree?

    I’d say the correct response would be to fire the miscreants. But there is probably a policy that makes that next to impossible. Good luck Mr Ford, and watch your back.

    • Exactly!

      But should City staffers have to be reminded not to bully and stonewall anybody, let alone a confused senior?

      Most residents are pretty confused when it comes to municipal matters/rules until it affects them personally. All should be treated with respect as a matter of course. Perhaps then the respect would be returned.