Wait for it

It won’t be long before we hear the wails and gnashing of teeth over Canada’s position at the  Climate Conference in Cancun . Soon a deluge of outrage and counter-spin will hit the media. We have already had enough warnings of climate  catastrophe to last a lifetime.

Don’t be fooled, they tell us.

Don’t be fooled by Australia’s wet and mild conditions. [The Ozzies are heading into summer remember]

A United Nations weather agency report, released on Friday, found 2010 is almost certain to rank as one of the hottest three years on record while the past 10 years are the warmest period since climate data began in 1850. …”While Australia has escaped this year … other parts of the planet are seeing incredibly hot temperatures,” he told reporters gathered with other climate scientists in Melbourne on Friday.

Other parts of the planet – like say, Norway?

Norway got over a hundred new records in November. Cold, colder, coldest. Unless you remember back to the year 1919, November 2010 is definitely the “coldest.” …On the whole, Norway has therefore experienced the coldest month of November since 1919, with the full 3.57 degrees below the normal level.  Because the norm is regarded as cold , this is a very big difference!

Don’t be fooled by the record cold temperatures in the UK

and the rest of  Europe.

The world is really warm they tell us . Not sure why. Or How.

We are warm. Well, Maybe not all of us…

Don’t be fooled.

But everyone has been fooled who thinks this has been and is about climate. It’s about power politics and money.

3 responses to “Wait for it

  1. Climate Scientist

    Junk science from Wolfville, home of a respected University.
    Inform yourself before you spew your anti-science garbage

    • This post needs to be seen in the context of its predecessor. I don’t think the point was to make a contribution to science, rather it was to bemoan the excesses that are done in the name of science. (And no excess is more pathetic than the usual mindless groupies indulging in Canadian self-flagellation on center-stage at the dreary annual Climate Change fiasco…)

      Actually, I’m very much reminded of the book written by John Farrands, “Don’t Panic, Panic!” The book’s a bit dated now, but it puts the broader issue of fear-mongering science into a proper perspective.

  2. Australia is the land of flood and drought. Climate change is the natural order of things in Australia… anyone with eyes to see will know that this is so.

    Banjo Patterson, the old bush poet, said it best in 1892:

    So you’re back from up the country, Mister Lawson, where you went,
    And you’re cursing all the business in a bitter discontent;
    Well, we grieve to disappoint you, and it makes us sad to hear
    That it wasn’t cool and shady — and there wasn’t plenty beer,
    And the loony bullock snorted when you first came into view;
    Well, you know it’s not so often that he sees a swell like you;
    And the roads were hot and dusty, and the plains were burnt and brown,
    And no doubt you’re better suited drinking lemon-squash in town.

    Yet, perchance, if you should journey down the very track you went
    In a month or two at furthest you would wonder what it meant,
    Where the sunbaked earth was gasping like a creature in its pain
    You would find the grasses waving like a field of summer grain,
    And the miles of thirsty gutters blocked with sand and choked with mud,
    You would find them mighty rivers with a turbid, sweeping flood;
    For the rain and drought and sunshine make no changes in the street,
    In the sullen line of buildings and the ceaseless tramp of feet;
    But the bush hath moods and changes, as the seasons rise and fall,
    And the men who know the bush-land — they are loyal through it all.

    Dorothea Mackellar said it from the heart:

    I love a sunburnt country,
    A land of sweeping plains,
    Of ragged mountain ranges,
    Of droughts and flooding rains.