It’s just weather folks

Need we say more?

Lethal weather in Europe.

Don’t tell CBC. We just heard this morning that the climate change “deniers” get too much air time because the consensus regarding the influence of man on the warming of the planet is overwhelming.

Good thing they planned the Climate Change Conference in a warm clime.

Has anything really changed much since the time of Copernicus?


3 responses to “It’s just weather folks

  1. I’ll be a global warming believer when they pay me to partake of such warm debauchery. Who wouldn’t?

    • The Japanese are being frank! Perhaps they have seen the Wiki-Leaks writing on the wall, you may as well stand up and say what you think right from the start.

      Ultimately, the Japanese are one of the very few nations who have actually done something that is both significant and relevant to the problem at hand (if it really is a problem?) — they have a contracting population.