Bugging out

UPDATE: Word is that Carl is sticking around after all, just taking less grief. Operation is staying in the family. Everyone seems relieved.

In our browsing last night we came across this distressing bit of information. The Wolfville Save Easy franchise is up for grabs.

The Save Easy banner is proud to offer this franchisee opportunity in Wolfville, Nova Scotia…. As franchisee, you will manage all aspects of your own business, using your entrepreneurial skills to drive your business profitability. Personal investment is required.

It appears that Carl is getting out. And what if no one is there to pick up the entrepreneurial and investment pieces? Will Loblaws “pull the plug”? If Carl can’t make a go of it, will someone else?

The Town Policy chickens are coming home to roost.


2 responses to “Bugging out

  1. No problem, get the university to purchase the building, rent it from them for a $1.00 a year. Since it is a university building, no taxes. Get a couple of people together – call it a co-op. Apply to ACOA for a quarter of a million. Get the suppliers to pay to have their goods in the store. Sounds original, or does it sound like the farmers market. Oh and leave your Visa at home this is a cash only no receipt business.

  2. Son’s taking over. Carl’s staying to help manage but taking it easier.