Sometimes there are so many things to comment on one doesn’t know where to start or what to put on the top of the list. But today there is no question. This announcement cries out for attention.

Taxpayers will learn who’s making at least $100,000 at school boards, health authorities, Crown corpora­tions and other public-sector bodies, Finance Minis­ter Graham Steele said Friday.

Steele said the Public Sector Compensation Dis­closure Act, which he introduced at Province House, will give people more information about where their money is going. … Steele said Ontario, Manitoba and British Colum­bia have similar legislation but different compensa­tion thresholds. It’s $100,000 in Ontario, $50,000 in Manitoba and $75,000 in B.C.

Long overdue, we say, but that is not the shocker. The next line was what floored us.

Nova Scotia already discloses the salaries of civil servants making at least $25,000.

They do?   Where? Who knew? AND why, then oh why, did it take a FOIPOP application and all kinds of lawyers fees spent to disclose the Wolfville CAO’s salary package?


2 responses to “Disclosure

  1. Was there a typo? Should the $25,000 really have been $250,000?

  2. NS Gov’t salaries are here under “Supplementary”: