Educational monoculture

The monoculture nurtured at our public institutions of higher “learning” is deplorable.  Faculty and students preach diversity and tolerance but practice neither.The latest assault on free speech at the University of Waterloo, where a bunch of ignorant yahoos prevented  Christie Blatchford giving a presentation on her book Helpless, was only one of a string of such incidents. You can bet these activists haven’t read her book, they who would protest against the failures of police at the G8 in Toronto.

University administrators show no courage in the face of strong arm tactics by groups bullies who feel entitled to tell others how they should think. No longer are universities places where free speech is welcomed. No amount of “damage control” apologies can repair the damage done to a University’s reputation. And the worst damage is to the minds of those who participated; by being indulged like two year olds in tantrum mode they were denied the opportunity to learn something about what actually went on in Caledonia. How can they mature into thoughtful citizens?

We can refuse to send money when we get those alumni appeals (we get several) and if we could refuse to give money via government to such institutions we would. 

What we can do is go buy Blatchford’s book.


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