Wolfville is the World

Wolfville is a microcosm of the world. This small town might seem like nothing much but people are people and much the same everywhere.  What goes on here – on a smaller scale- is exactly what happens in the larger world.

Take debt for instance.

Wolfville has been spending beyond its means

HRM has been spending beyond its means

This Province has been spending  beyond its means. And it isn’t the only one .

The country has been spending beyond its means

The US has been spending beyond its means – California is near default

Europe is a financial basket case.

If you think the rest of the world will bail us out – think again.

We can only start where we are and that is in our families and in our small town. It is time. It is time to understand that we can’t have everything and we must choose wisely what we spend on, and perhaps choose not to spend at all. A little sacrifice won’t kill us and our children and grandchildren will thank us for it.


2 responses to “Wolfville is the World

  1. Let’s start with Clock Park. This town is really good at wasting money.

  2. The average local yokel is in hock for about $47,000 when you add up Federal, Provincial, Municipal, and household debt. Hmm, might have to get another job to support all those wastrel bums that lord over us.

    We need real democracy. Let it be resolved that the Clock Park budget be put to the vote to see if a majority of taxpayers support it. Perhaps, votes should be weighted according to how much property tax you pay?

    Let us vote whether or not we should hire nincompoops to tell us all about our “feelings of inadequacy in the face of complex problems”.