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The “Mayor’s” Newsletter is out – in paper anyway [no copy on the website that we could find].  It is 8 pages in full colour. Heck, even Prince William and Kate are giving a nod to austerity when their nation is in debt free fall but the bad news report about the fiscal state of the unit [Wolfville is soooo much like California] is buried in a  short reference under  Wolfville Briefs on page 6! So, no alert at all to residents of the budgetary crisis we face.  If the Town is going to spend OUR money on a glossy newsletter could we at least have content of import?? Instead we have a full page from Mr. Morrison on – guess what- The Clock Park!!!

The Town has set up a reserve for the construction of the park in the amount of $125,000. Preliminary cost estimates indicate costs as high as $200,000 to construct the park. Council may need to consider options if the final design is of higher cost than the existing reserve.

May? May ? Didn’t he just say that – that the cost of the plan was more than the reserve? They had better consider some other options. [And where are those reserves anyway? It has been in reserve for this purpose for some years – we hope it has been well invested or has it been used for other things in the mean time?]

One reader gave us his reaction via e-mail to the offering on Page 3:

Gabryel Joseph has a big article on page 3 about the Transportation Study. It contains a real ripper: “… the study circle process helps overcome people’s lack of information and feelings of inadequacy in the face of complex problems.” Feelings of inadequacy!!!

This admits baldly what we have long said. These inputs circles are really re-education sessions. Propaganda. We’d rather you didn’t spend the money on this pointless exercise, thank you very much.

Anything positive? Yes. We liked the headline on pg. 8  “We’re Here – Talk to Us.” We hope residents will bring their concerns, suggestions, and compliments (if any) directly to the attention of Councillors. We hope they ask about the fiscal crisis.  We’d be interested to hear how that goes.

One response to “The … Newsletter

  1. 5:30 am, I awoke, shaking, from a cold sweat nightmare… there was the mayor, dressed as a Christmas clown, drooling hideous gratuitous advice, and burying my pitiful savings into the polluted muck at Clock Park.