Your tax dollars misspent

There goes close to three quarters of a million tax dollars. [Cue a giant sucking sound.]

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency issued a statement today saying the agency will hand $220,000 to the Winery Association of Nova Scotia.

The money, from the agency’s Innovative Communities Fund, is for development of a marketing strategy.

Meanwhile, the Wolfville farmers market will soon have a new, year-round home thanks to a $250,000 federal investment.

The money will be used to renovate the DeWolfe Building, a former apple warehouse.

Additional funding for the project includes $245,000 from Nova Scotia’s Agriculture Department and $3,000 from the Town of Wolfville. [CTV]

A near half million from 3 levels of government for the Wolfville Farm Market? Investment they call it. BS. We don’t think there will be much coming back into the government coffers.

Senator Kelvin Ogilvie made the announcement in Wolfville on Saturday. For shame! We  don’t appreciate our tax money being doled out to Business bums. We don’t agree with Corporate welfare. We would prefer to see money spent on fair policies which create an environment where every business has an opportunity to succeed and perhaps even grow. Or real investment into R&D , into innovation which might create viable new industries or businesses.

Instead we see all levels of government pumping large amounts of money into favoured groups. We think the wineries are doing very well without this spending thank you very much. In the case  of the Wolfville market, we thought we saw ads on TV warning against the underground economy and here they are supporting this tax free zone with tax dollars!!! Shocking!

Will a farmer growing corn get this kind of infusion? Do the dollars given the Wolfville market help Elderkins, Stirlings, Hennigers or Noggins Corner who have managed to survive in spite of all the regulatory obstacles governments put in their way? No, worse than that, it helps their competition! Is this a fair game? Is it fair when one team is playing uphill and the other team gets extra players?

And it is all our tax money, not just the 3K from Wolfville, money  from 3 different pockets. It is tax money also from HRM residents, and from some poor sods out west. We can bet they can think of a few other things they would rather see their share spent on.

You disappoint us Kelvin.

6 responses to “Your tax dollars misspent

  1. Don’t forget the generosity of Acadia U. It’s their storage area that has been donated, right?

    What is the governments theory, that the Farmers Market will be a draw that would also benefit other businesses? In practice, I fear things working out quite differently. Can anyone point me to a URL where serious thought has been put into such matters?

    It seems to me that it would be unethical for the government to show favoritism of one business over others. Having a government is beginning to feel like belonging to a criminal organization. Keep one eye open when you sleep, the other is for looking over your shoulder…

    • Our understanding of the arrangement is that the University retains ownership of the building but is leasing it to the Market for a token amount, that the Market is responsible for leasehold improvements (hence the need for large infusions of OUR tax money to pay for the renovations) but if the business fails, as with the Atlantic Theatre Festival, Acadia will be left with the improved asset. The market cannot borrow against an asset as it will have none. And ACOA cannot end up with the building/asset either as compensation for its “investment”. This is a donation to the market pure and simple, an advantage that no other business in town or farm in the area enjoys. And yet the market competes directly with them.

  2. If you think that the Farmers Market should be paying their fair share of taxes call 1-888-674-1699. Where else do businesses operate “Cash only no Receipt” No accountability! Underground economy!

  3. Don’t know any other business in town that has their rent paid by Acadia do you?

    • I don’t know of any other business in town that builds community and supports small scale, sustainable, independent businesses the way the market does. I think this is why they’re receiving funding from our governments. It’s a business that offers a lot to citizens of our region. It supports local farmers and crafts people, it brings people together and builds relationships. I’m happy my tax dollars are going towards the market!