From Berwick to Wolfville

Berwick’s financial officer Mike MacLean will be working in Wolfville. We didn’t say MOVING to Wolfville because we don’t know that. It will be interesting to see if he does choose to buy here or whether he has a financial head on his shoulders.

The paper [Advertiser, Nov.2] says he is to replace Brideau but that’s a puzzle. We had heard rumours that Brideau was retiring but we couldn’t believe it; we hadn’t seen the [required] job posting for that position. What we had seen was the posting for the position to replace Brian Porter so we figure the paper got it wrong and MacLean will be replacing Porter. We wish Mike luck figuring out the bizarro finances in Wolfville.


4 responses to “From Berwick to Wolfville

  1. Why should MacLean move here Brideau never lived here. How many of the people who work for the town actually live here? It’s not like they can’t afford to live here!

  2. Even the banks advise against moving to Wolfville.

  3. Why would the banks offer their clients advice “against moving to Wolfville”? That’s a softball statement which surely deserves a hardball answer! This shouldn’t be buried in the depths of your blog; it should read as a HEADLINE! The simple answer, of course, is the DEED TRANSFER TAX which amounts to both an entry and an exit fee having no asset value to the lending institution. This misguided tax grab, collected both incoming and outgoing, amounts to virtually a year’s property taxation ( x 2 ) which can seldom be recovered from the property transfer. It must be absorbed by either the buyer or the seller and the banks refuse to lend any money ( within the terms of the mortgage ) to cover these costs. Not too long ago ratepayers were concerned about saving the Wolfville School ( and, mark my words, it hasn’t been saved yet ) for which the town spent tens of thousands in a marketing campaign to make a case for saving. Those costs add to the tax rate too! As we reportedly move toward bankruptcy, because taxes are already too high ( ignore this at your peril ) how can we expect to save our school without children? If young families can’t afford to live her, and are advised against it, from where will the children come? One of the biggest mistakes we make as citizens is when we confuse good intentions with competence. We can sympathize with those who believe in what they’re doing and think they’re right. Are these the elitists within our community? Well, when I have heart surgery, I don’t want it done by an elitist, I want the best and most competent surgeon available. We need to call a spade a spade and tell the story for what it is! This is not happening here in Wolfville and we’re all going to be the losers because of it unless we put things in order and get serious!