That is what we are. Marilla has tagged the real problem around here – a lazy, uninformed, complacent and gullible electorate. Who else would put up with this rubbish?

If citizens of Halifax Regional Municipality took to the streets over escalating salaries paid to elected councillors, you can bet the issue would get put on the city council agenda pretty quickly.

But citizens have not taken to the streets. And the matter has not been deemed urgent enough to get onto the agenda this week. It’s typical ostrich politics down at city hall.

The formula they are using in HRM sounds similar to the one they used to determine our CAO’s salary here. He will soon be enjoying his feathered nest and gold plated pension nest egg leaving us taxpayers with a debt hangover.

We don’t blame the Councillors and staff anymore. They are doing what we let them do. We blame the voters and the residents and the business owners who put up with their whims and indulgences at our expense, who don’t have the courage to stand up and say enough is enough.

Wolfville is filled with Ostrich taxpayers.


One response to “Ostriches

  1. Nah, your average ostrich is smarter than that.