They’re back!

Yes, they’re back. After a brief break for each this summer the dynamic duo of Daniels and Becker are back with another hard-hitting issue of the Mud Creek News.  We offer you these choice excerpts:

In the Do You Know column –

“The proposed Greenwich farmers rezoning request could result in up to 2,280 new dwelling spaces on lands between Wolfville’s western border and the Greenwich Collector Rd. Such a rezoning would be detrimental to the interests of Wolfville residents.”

Yes, those would be residences outside of the clutches of Wolfville’s tax collectors. Wolfville wants that tax base for itself (think density!)  That’s one way to attract growth – prevent your neighbours from growing! Go speak your mind at the Participation meeting Nov. 4rth at the Greenwich Firehall, 7 pm.

Daniels has an article on the so called “Clock Park” and asks:

How did both tentative landscape designs developed by the landscape architect end up with a projected cost of $225,000.00 well over the $125,000.00 set aside in the reserve fund? Did someone forget to mention to the designer that …. at least one plan should be drawn that would cost $125,000.00 or less?  … Another question: Does this town need or can it afford another park with the price tag of $125,ooo.00 or even $200,000.00. It appears some Town officials have not read the recently released report from the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force.

Which is the subject of Becker’s piece titled ” Is Wolfville on its way to Bankruptcy?”

The report [of the Task Force] paints a very dire picture o[f] Wolfville’s current financial situation based on a huge and permanently growing infrastructure deficit… a declining Commercial Assessment and the exhaustion of the capacity to increase Residential Taxes.

Becker reminds us who has been managing the town for the last 10 years and is not impressed with the “excuses” offered for the present financial situation. Becker concludes that bad management has brought us to this present pass. You won’t hear us disagreeing with that opinion. Councillor Zimmerman apparently made a “plea for moderation” at one meeting so the report wouldn’t shock us. As if we would be shocked. As if we didn’t know already.

Mr. Becker points to the mammoth in the Council Chambers –

What I am missing in the Report is an evaluation of potential solutions which may cross the Town’s given borders. This Report focuses on 2,393 dwelling units in Wolfville, which will have to take the brunt of the projected tax increases. To put the future tax burden on a much broader platform I would have liked to see at least a short section on “Amalgamation” in the Report as a possible solution. …The Chair brought “Amalgamation” up during previous discussions. For “political” reasons it did not make it into the Report. An amalgamation would eliminate all Town officials and the entire and expensive Administration for a Warden and a very small staff.

That is starting to sound very attractive. Read the rest in the October Issue of the Mud Creek News, if you can find a copy.

By the way – we would like to compliment Mr. Becker on the acheivement of his daughter, founder and CEO of Cambridge NanoTech, in being named the  2010   Ernst + Young Entrepreneur Of The Year for New England, and a finalist for the national award to be announced later this month. We congratulate her and wish her well.


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  1. This atomic layer deposition technology looks like real excellent stuff!

    Funny how people with brains are making things thinner and thinner and yet some on Council just keeps laying it on thicker and thicker.

    Now, how to reduce all that Council guff to a mono-atomic layer?