Convention centre – Hot topic

The proposal to build a new convention centre is a matter much in the news and a hot topic of debate. We don’t keep up to date much with HRM politics but we get roused when we see money wasted — on show not substance.  Do you think there will be any consideration, dare we say consultation, with us, the tax cows in the hinterland? It will also be our hard earned dollars poured into this project.

The province has reportedly asked the federal government to contribute $47 million. That would leave roughly $112 million to be split equally between the province and the municipality.

Federal and provincial money is not grown on trees!! All of us who pay Federal AND Provincial tax will pay, and pay, and pay for this if it goes ahead. Having a healthy and thriving capital city does serve the whole province, and to some extent the whole country, but waste and debt also affects us all. And can NS live on the Federal teat forever?

Municipal taxpayers in HRM out of Halifax proper also don’t feel the benefits are worth the cost. They feel there are more important things to spend municipal dollars on. If the developers want to take the risk, and be accountable for failure, let them. Leave us out of it.

As we were writing this post a comment came in from Brian S. in response to our “Complacency Caucus” post which touches on this same topic. We must be psychic. We copy part of it here:

So there you have it, the Town borrows to leverage further Federal and Provincial debt. Yes, Towns actively compete in the Borrowing Olympics with the expressed goal of driving the other levels of government (really you and me) further into debt. It’s a farce! Never mind, when Mr Brison becomes PM, he will certainly put an end to such nonsense, right?

This business whereby “projects” are funded by multiple levels of government is a perfect way to waste a wad of cash. Invariably, any requirement for merit becomes irrelevant as accountability is diffused and political triumphalism takes centre stage…

Perhaps Mr Stead can convince Mr Brison to convince Mr Dexter to build us a Convention Centre here in Wolfville — just like that whack-job-deal they’re trying to swing for Halifax.

Meanwhile and  meanwhile

Is it time to break out the pitchforks?


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