Clock Park meeting

The clock park input meeting is tonight.

Please join Angela and Town Staff at an Open House on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 7:00pm at the Fire Hall where this conceptual plan will be presented. Public comments and suggestions are encouraged!

This may be your last chance to say anything concerning this proposed significant expenditure.


2 responses to “Clock Park meeting

  1. It looks like my letter to kings countys lawyer worked,I threatened to prosecute them for criminal breach of trust ie fraud,deceiet etc.It was a very good 12pg letter with criminal code info ,charter law,etc.

    • Note to readers: This comment from Tom Tupper more logically belongs as a comment on a post concerning the farmland rezoning issue, not the clock park post above. Mr. Tupper has offered us a copy of the letter referred to but he is for some reason unable to e-mail it to us, or to answer our e-mails, although he has a valid email address.