Green IEDs

From your friends at the 10:10 climate change campaign.

We have to link to this so people see it.

No Pressure. We are sorry if you find it disturbing but we didn’t make the film, and you should be disturbed. These people are disturbing.



4 responses to “Green IEDs

  1. Not just gory and silly, also boring and not all that original. Remember Scanners?
    Still, I’ll play their silly little game:
    … a 10% reduction in property taxes…. no pressure.

  2. What is disturbing is that the makers of the film thought it funny.
    Some comment here in the Spectator –

  3. I must admit that I saw it all as just too stupid to take seriously. An error on my part — these people are unhinged…

  4. No error.You are right. They don’t deserve any attention. We would like not to have to take them seriously. We wish we could ignore their silliness. Wouldn’t that be nice? They shouldn’t have the influence they unfortunately have.

    LATER : BTW – here is another one.