Clock Perk

There is a meeting this evening, we are told, for public input on the so called “Clock Park” designs. Perhaps someone will attend and ask why the Town, which is in fiscal distress, is even considering this perk.

7pm in the Fire Hall.


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  1. Perhaps that person should be you! Nearly everyone I’ve spoken with about this park is excited to see it happen. Many also recognize the benefits an urban park will have for the downtown. If you feel it would be valuable as a parking lot or an empty field, you should express that. These public input sessions are an opportunity to share our ideas with the town and the designer. However, you must know that the designer is more likely to design for a majority of people, rather than the one crazy who suggests we should build a pot farm or a junk yard or a parking lot.

    Just because you’ve tried to communicate your idea before and not seen the plans altered to meet that idea, doesn’t mean public input is failing. It might simply mean that you’re one of the few who don’t agree with it being a park.

    • It isn’t that we don’t like parks but we have lots of parks and green space already in and around Wolfville. Our concern is that – as usual- the Town is spending tax money in the wrong place. There are many things that 200K plus could be used for. Reducing commercial taxes so businesses can actually make a go of it and stay, instead of come and go as they too often do, for one example. A parking lot would be cheaper and much appreciated by many residents. It would also allay concerns about soil contamination. Will any concerned parent actually let their children play in the proposed play area if they know the history of this site? What is the Town’s liability on the contamination issue? That question still isn’t fully answered. Council is deaf to any such concerns.

      • Traffic is terrible on that corner. It is unsafe for small children to play there. Still, it might make a nice hang out for the staggering drunks in the wee hours… so I guess it won’t be a total waste of money.

    • The cost is outrageous. Trees will grow for free.

      I suggest that those who need to have the park plasticized at such enormous expense should pay a surcharge on their property tax.

  2. Plant a few trees (or just toss a few acorns and maple seeds around and leave them alone for a few years). Fertilize with political drivel. Plunk down a few park benches. Bob’s your uncle. Shouldn’t cost more than a grand.

    • A grand? We should be so lucky. $125,000 is already “earmarked” [like a pig’s ear!] for this project but we have heard that the designs proposed will cost considerably more to implement, closer to $200,000 [not to mention the costs of the design architects themselves]. It is a wasteful indulgence bordering on insanity.

  3. Fair enough, maybe the cost seems a bit high. I’m not sure what it costs to build a quality park and maybe you guys do. However I can expect the town considers to some degree the worth of the money they put towards the project. I wouldn’t assume they’re blinding throwing tax money away. I believe if we invest in something really good now, it can pay off in the long term. If we design the park so it functions really well, and looks good (landscape architects are educated to do this) then perhaps more people spend more time downtown.

    It seems to me, having a really nice public space on that site could make a difference in how the downtown operates. People might take a break in the park, have a picnic, play Frisbee, read the newspaper or whatever. If this kind of behavior occurred even some of the time, I expect you’d see an increase in business. The more people hanging around and spending their free time downtown, the more likely they are to buy a coffee or a beer, or even notice your shop front.

    I see Clock Park as an opportunity to attract more people downtown. It’s all about encouraging people to be there. It’s not cars that come for goods/services – it’s the people. Attract people and you’ll attract business.

    Side note: I feel like if we pair this project with some bicycle infrastructure, more people might choose to ride their bike and free up a parking space in the process. I like that the two designs both incorporate bicycle racks!

  4. The meeting was never scheduled for last night. It will be held on October 13th.

  5. More places for bikes, less cars. Put in the large outdoor exercise equipment. Make the park useable no “keep off the grass” signs and NO MORE flower gardens. No Dogs allowed.

  6. Perhaps rather than just apologize for misleading your readers on the dates you should also apologize to the town administration for your comments that they deliberately scheduled the two meetings back to back to keep the attendance down.

    • Yes, perhaps we should. When the Town administration apologizes to us for the number of times it has misled us – deliberately, by omission and by mistake — perhaps we will.