Campus Clubs

Anyone interested in starting an Atlantica Party organization on the Acadia campus? This message from the AP.

Campus Clubs

For those of you returning to campus AP is establishing campus clubs across the province. Dalhousie-Kings and CBU have been established and can be reached here

Here’s some comment on the business climate in NS on the AP blog.

If you were to ask any member of the government whether Nova Scotia is business friendly you would get a resounding yes. The NDP government is certainly seems aggressive with ready cash for established profitable businesses in splashy media releases; Frito-Lay, Daewoo, Bell Aliant, Blue Ocean, Northern Pulp, Irving, the list goes on and on.

Strange then in a recent study from the Fraser Institute Nova Scotia ranked at the bottom (57th out of 60) in North America in terms of economic freedom; the ability of people to make their own economic decisions which is key to prosperity. Are Nova Scotians that constrained?

Just ask Mr. Gee, the Kentville merchant who has spent $20,000 of his own (after tax) money fighting our NDP government that wants to interfere in his tobacco trade. As of July 1st Mr. Gee is forced to charge additional sales taxes on the sundries he sells. He must pay the second highest income taxes in Canada. He has no choice but to accept Nova Scotia Power’s proposed rate hike, its seventh recent rate hike. He and his customer s are forced to buy over-priced produce from the government monopoly NSLC.

Can it be true? Our NDP government, while ensuring its continued growth at the expense of the private sector and making some media savvy demonstrations of ‘building the economy’ through subsidy, is vision-less to help Nova Scotians to become more economically free and prosperous? I wonder what Mr. Gee would say?


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  1. The Daewoo-NDP-Federal thing was announced with great fanfare as a facility to build wind/tide turbines. The governments (Fed and Prov) thereby seem to have set themselves in direct competition with existing private companies like Seaforth Engineering and Cherubini Metal Works… It makes no sense to me.

    Next in line, the convention centre…