Is this a good idea?

Council is considering allowing longer liquor hours in Wolfville. Liquor hours are included in the MPS [Why?] and so that would have to be amended. Closing  hour in Wolfville is 1 am while elsewhere closing hour for drinking “establishments” is 2 am.The town wants input from “stakeholders” .

Mayor Bob Stead indicates council has decided to solicit feedback from as many as a dozen stakeholders: core area residents, lounge owners, Acadia University and the Wolfville Business Development Corporation. These groups have been asked to provide input by Oct. 1.

Morrison anticipates council will review that input and then decide on what action, if any, to take: do nothing, opt to allow later closing hours Friday and Saturday nights or even abandon control of liquor hours.

Increased late night noise, disruption of residents and additional policing costs are among the other factors for council to consider. [Register]

Better get your two cents in. As far as noise and disruption goes we figure it can’t get much worse than it already is. Or could it? In any case, closing hour doesn’t probably make that much difference.


3 responses to “Is this a good idea?

  1. So who is it that is pushing for these extended hours? What are their arguments in favour of the extended hours?

    I challenge them to clearly state their case at this website or some other public forum which is conveniently available for all to see… That way we can all judge the merit of their arguments.

    I’d also remind Council that they answer to all residents, not just “core area residents”. Most people are reasonable, if you treat them reasonably. I get my hackles up when people don’t clearly state their position and start talking about input from special interest groups (“stakeholders”). Matters should be judged according to their merit — not according to what is favoured by those special few who are favoured by our Mayor.

    • Meanwhile, other places are looking to toughen liquor laws.

      Tougher enforcement and a heavier hand on liquor licence requests are two tactics city councillors will consider Monday to control downtown Barrie’s ‘closing time chaos’.

      That’s what Coun. Jeff Lehman, who represents the downt own, calls the scene along Dunlop Street when the bars finish serving drinks at 2 a.m.

      Can laws fix the chaos? Maybe the display of liquor should be legislated against like tobacco? Or does the real problem lie elsewhere?

  2. In the late forties and early fifties, when the vets were coming home and getting into universities with their families in “married quarters” there was lots of drinking going on among them and the few police got to know the few who needed help getting back home after a night out. Some of them had to sleep it off in the drunk tank, but that was because the wives insisted. They got to be lawyers and doctors anyway and leaders of all types. They were men once they got the kid out of their system. They missed those years when they were in the services. However, in those days, they had to sober up to write exams.