Now Hiring – again

Wolfville is hiring again. The Town must feel they are flush with money, so flush they need another manager to manage it. Another body to help the well over paid CAO. Here are the details in case you are thinking of applying and signing on the sinking ship!

Staff Responsibility: 1 – 20
Budgetary Responsibility: $4,000,001 – $8,000,000
Area of Specialization: Accounting, Financial planning
Work Setting: Government administration
Specific Skills: Plan, organize and direct daily operations, Establish and implement policies and procedures, Assign, co-ordinate and review projects and programs, Design and manage investment strategies, Monitor financial control systems, Oversee the collection and analysis of financial data, Oversee the preparation of reports, Advise senior management.
Additional Skills: Plan and control budget and expenditures, Train, direct and motivate staff

What does that leave the CAO to do?

This position is meant, we are guessing, to replace Brian Porter who is retiring, probably with a huge sigh of relief. One would think the Town could save money by not replacing this position but the CAO obviously can’t manage the burgeoning budget by himself.


One response to “Now Hiring – again

  1. Another “Celestial Bureaucrat”, groan. Note that the advertisement does not describe any real work. There is no product — it’s all about fancy-pants tomfoolery and hoodwinking lots more property-owners money.

    I’ve got a better idea. Let’s have some efficiency dividends! Keep the guys with a shovel in their hand and send the rest down the road.

    We can’t afford to keep our fluffy-headed Mayor and his deadbeat CAO in the fantasy world to which they have become accustomed.