Happy Birthday Alex

It’s a little belated but we’d like to say Happy Birthday to Alex Colville. He was 90 a few days ago. We wouldn’t have known [we don’t travel in those circles] except for this notice in the paper:

In honour of his birthday, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia has organized a small exhibit and is planning a party for later in September. …The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia show is on view into the fall. Colville’s most recent exhibit of new work, including works on paper and the new painting, Woman Cutting her Toenails, Dog Watches, was at the Mira Godard Gallery in Toronto in March.

As a prelude, the Fundy Film Society is showing a documentary on Colville by Berlin writer and director Andreas Schultz this Sunday, at 4 pm and at 7 pm at the Al Whittle Theatre. Admission is by donation with the proceeds going to the Valley Hospice Foundation.

The 67-minute portrait of Colville uses the artist’s canvases to illustrate how his 60-year relationship with his wife Rhoda is reflected in his work. The film also shows Colville’s work in the light of important events in his personal life and focuses on his decades spent in Wolfville. The documentary film crew spent six weeks at home with the artist.

We like Colville’s work. It’s a few light years better than something like this. So look for us there.


One response to “Happy Birthday Alex

  1. Installation art reminds me of the TV program Hoarders. However, a painting called “Woman Cutting Her Toenails, Dog Watches,” is a joke, right? I guess it depends on what makes you smile.

    Speaking of “Hoarders” apparently a woman was found dead under a pile of her “stuff.” No kidding. Let that be a lesson to all of us.