Deadly icecream

As many Wolfvillian’s now know Coldstone Creamery is a new Tim Hortons partner and it seems a permanent presence in town.  We see that Coldstone has made the list of 40 deadliest ice cream treats. It clocks in half way in the pack at #21 with this 900 calorie entry – cookie batter icecream,  then again at #23 with Pecan Praline Icecream at only 800 calories and at #24 with Oreo Creme ( 1060 calories but less saturated fat and cholesterol)

But of course the thing about Coldstone is that you can create you own poison so perhaps you might want to win the chance to suggest a new Coldstone flavour. This is one contest we will try to avoid.


One response to “Deadly icecream

  1. Not to mention that they made the top of the worst drinks in America list. The PB&C “Gotta Have It” sized shake is over 2000 calories or equal to eating 68 pieces of bacon (and a full day’s calories)….I just don’t think that I “gotta have it”:-)