Get your card ready

You will need an ID card no matter what your age at the Wolfville ( and some other) NSLC outlets in the next week or so.

Between Sept. 5 and 11, Nova Scotia Liquor Corp. outlets in New Minas, Wolfville and Antigonish will ask for ID from every customer — whether they look like a post-secondary pupil or a pensioner.

The three communities were chosen for the pilot awareness campaign, which coincides with frosh week, based on their high concentration of university students. [CBC]

Ahhh. A nice reminder that the student year is about to begin. But what about HRM?

“The campaign is designed to be fun, really,” she said. “Everybody gets to feel young again because we’re going to ID everyone.”

You know , I think it will take more than that for some of us.


2 responses to “Get your card ready

  1. This is just another one of those irrelevant denial exercises favoured by the head-in-the-sand crowd. It is a fools notion to think that the liquor store can prevent alcohol from being acquired by the inept, be they old alcoholics or inexperienced young fools.

    Moving away from home and going to university is the first time that many kids will get access to alcohol and concurrently be called upon to exercise their own good judgment. It would be better that they received practical experience of alcohol and responsible guidance from their parents — long before they were sent off to learn it all from their peers at university. Particularly, it would be nice if they had also learned a thing or two about independent thought and being their own person. That’s not likely in our ninny-nanny-state, which seems to go out of its way to create herd animals, ripe for frosh idiocy.

    Probably the best thing we could do is insist that all the “old farts” get an invitation to the party whenever the kids get together to experiment with booze and sex… Actually, I might even enjoy that, for a while. Let’s be honest, a part of the problem is that it takes all night for us old timers to do what the youngsters do all night.

  2. Has anyone said Why?

    I have no intention of producing an ID card to buy alcohol or anything else. I will just not buy. I can see why college age and younger kids might try to buy before they are old enough, but why would gray haired old fuddies need to cough up another card?