As we wandered around Wolfville on our various errands we got wondering about a few things.

Will Front Street ever get finished. There seems to be so little progress for so many men about. Is that why it is in the hands of the Little Co.?

Is half the traffic in Wolfville caused by cars circling around in Parking Hell, looking for an empty space? And how many walk ins waiting in the Mud Creek clinic get a ticket when their wait is 3 hours and their parking space is only for 2?

Why did they dig up Central Ave again a week or so ago, anyone have a clue? Anyone want to bet that stupidity was involved somehow? And will some Council of the future demand the cobbles be torn up?

We hope that everyone enjoys the extravagant displays in the beds at Willow Park. They only last for 6 months or so but we pay for them dearly all year and will continue to pay for them for years to come. Wolfville is “Park poor”  in the same way some people are “house poor.


4 responses to “Musings

  1. We are waiting for Brian’s comments 😉

  2. Blessed are those who go round in circles, for they shall be known as big wheels.

  3. I believe Central Ave had some repairs to the curb cuts which originally seemed to be too much of a bump. I’m guessing this issue was resolved by lowering the curb cuts to improve accessibility.

    I don’t find myself circling around wasting my time when I walk or bike downtown.
    Remember, you’re not stuck in a traffic jam – you are the traffic jam!