Dexter’s people flubbed and then the Chronicle Herald flubbed. The Chronicle Herald posted a story saying that the PM snubbed Premier Dexter by leaving him behind for the Bluenose funding announcement. But later our intrepid reporters of record found they had only seen what they wanted to see, that Dexter’s people were to blame for the confusion and the CH had to dump the story.

Here are the Dan Leger tweets to Kady O’Malley and National Newswatch (in time order between 3 and 4 pm) that tell the tale.

@natnewswatch @kady We were misinformed and took it down when our reporter realized what happened. Dexter’s office screwed up.

@kady Actually, last seen standing red faced behind Harper at the newser. Something fouled up, but appears to have been Dexter’s folks.

@kady yup. Still trying to figure out exactly what went wrong, but it was a flub, not a snub as far as we know. Will update soonest.

@Kady I was just disappointed that Keddy didn’t have his usual novelty cheque for the Bluenose announcement.

@Kady It’s possible Dex was invited to the announcement, but not the foto op on the ‘Nose. So mite be both snub and flub. Fun!

@Kady Flub. Dex PR person drove him to wrong spot, reporters on scene thought PMO had misdirected him.

Then Paul McLeod asks :

@Dantheeditor Does this mean I have to amend my “Dexter/Harper Blood Feud!” headline?

And Dan answers:

@pdmcleod Naw, go with it. Eventually, it will be true.

National Newswatch has a link to  the story  (now in cache) that the Chronicle Herald ran with first.

PM takes off on premier

Dexter left out of photo op at Bluenose restoration site
By BEVERLEY WARE South Shore Bureau
Wed, Aug 18 – 2:13 PMPremier Darrell Dexter was snubbed this afternoon, perhaps inadvertently, at the outset of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to Lunenburg.

He was left high and dry after Harper and South Shore-St. Margarets MP Gerald Keddy left the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic early in the afternoon for the site where the Bluenose II is being restored.

Dexter was apparently supposed to join them for a scheduled photograph but none of the PM’s public relations entourage let him know. ..

All in all pretty revealing.

  1. @natnewswatch @kady We were misinformed and took it down when our reporter realized what happened. Dexter’s office screwed up.

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