Arrested not charged

It’s all over the news. Four and a half years later there has been an arrest in the Paula Gallant murder.

On Tuesday morning, police arrested Jason Wayne MacRae, 37, the husband of Timberlea schoolteacher Paula Gallant, who was killed on Dec. 27, 2005. … [CH]

As yet there is no charge.  It doesn’t always follow.

MacRae was previously arrested in February 2006 and questioned for several hours but was released without being charged.

But perhaps this latest arrest in the Gallant case will result in a charge that will stick.

The two sisters worked tirelessly to rally community support to solve the killing and to improve victims’ rights in Nova Scotia, especially to allow more access to counselling. Many area residents took part in memorial events for Gallant, marched to protest violence against women and put bumper stickers on their cars to keep the case in the public eye.

Is that what is required for a result, even if it is several years later? We wonder if there ever will be a charge as a result of the investigation into the Leslie Conrad murder.


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