Why we cancelled the Herald

This is the sort of writing that made us cancel our Chronicle Herald subscription long ago. If Dross Donald Cameron thinks that a line like this:

I am not saying that Stephen Harper is another Hitler…

will let him off the hook when he has just said as much and then repeats it in a number of ways in the whole piece he must think we are as idiotic as he is, which we are not.  He does think Harper is Hitleresque, he just isn’t honest enough or doesn’t have the courage to say so openly.  Sadly the  CH, which used be, in the increasingly distant past, a reputable paper, wastes money paying this mushy headed fake to smear the Prime Minister.

Since we don’t poison our minds with this muck anymore we learned about this latest bit of Cameron tripe from BC Blue.


3 responses to “Why we cancelled the Herald

  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I do get the CH but I seldom read the Drongo Cameron column — it’s just too boring, and that’s inexcusable.

  2. Probably shouldn’t have brought it to anyone’s attention it is such drivel – but there is a question – if no one is reading it why are they still printing it? How much of the paper is just used for compost bin lining? Do they know? At least if we paid online – so much a page – they would know what we were reading and Tinpot Cameron would be history.

  3. We get it for the crossword puzzle and cryptoquote, also the obituaries and the “funnies” but we can get all the news off the internet now before the paper arrives. Also we get it because we believe in home delivery and we have such a wonderful service from our delivery person. The older we get, the more I wish we could have a nearby grocery store with a delivery service. Kids on bikes could make a little money and learn the value of helping others.

    But most of all, I wish we had closer access to gas for the car and someone to pump it in. What is sad to me is seeing old people like me having to dribble gas on their feet and fuss around with paying with a credit or debit card while the cold wind blows. Remember when we got our windshields washed, oil and tire pressure checked and a cheery smile while they worked on these services?
    That is when the difference between a successful business and a failure depended on competition and good service. Remember packers? Carry out boys? Nice paper bags? .