Snowed in

Snow is falling in Wolfville. Isn’t it fascinating what media can make us believe?  Just a little sleight of hand and presto chango we can be convinced that August in Wolfville is November in New Hampshire Rhode Island. In our heads we know it is all fake but we’ll enter into the fantasy emotionally won’t we, when we see the end product?

How is this different from Town politics? There are the glossy newsletters, the branding, the surveys, the park designs, the new facades,  the earnest committees, the small minded villains (to add drama) and in the end most residents enter into the fantasy that Wolfville is  a certain kind of town, the town they imagine. A prosperous  town with beautiful flower beds and historic houses,  full of progressive, ethical, fair trading, bicycle riding environmentalists, with thoughtful and competent managers at the municipal helm .

Don’t get us wrong. We aren’t criticising the movies. They are fun. Great entertainment. We enjoy them as much as the next man. We just don’t believe the snow job.

2 responses to “Snowed in

  1. They may be able to fake the snow, but can they fake the tide?

    Tidal range at New Hampshire, 3 m at best, I recall.
    Tidal range at Wolfville, about 15 m.

    Since arriving here, I’ve been perplexed that Wolfville Town seems to have been “designed” so as to minimize its most interesting natural attribute.

    • Actually it is Rhode Island not New Hampshire. Don’t know why we got New Hampshire into our head. Probably the alliteration was just better. Don’t suppose it make much difference to your tide calculations. And your point about Wolfville’s best feature is well taken. Most everything backs, instead of fronts, onto the water.