Half truths and the census

According to another of the almost constant poll results we see in the press these days only a little more than half of our Canadian Samaritans would tell the truth when asked census questions they found embarrassing.

After more than a month of debate over whether Canadians should face fines and possible jail time for not answering the questions, a Leger Marketing poll found 54% of those surveyed said they would tell the truth on the census …

Of course this question wasn’t mandatory so we wouldn’t put much faith in it. We expect, as with this one,  only about 54% would answer it truthfully!

As for census accuracy, the Japanese are having a bit of trouble.  They can’t find some of their  centenarians, so carefully counted.

Police are investigating the family of Sogen Kato for alleged abandonment and swindling his pension money. Kato is believed to have died about 32 years ago, when his family said he retreated to his bedroom, wanting to be a living Buddha.

Officials said they had not personally contacted Furuya or Kato for decades.

Authorities are also looking for a 106-year-old man who is missing in Nagoya, central Japan, Kyodo News agency reported. The Asahi newspaper said three more centenarians were unaccounted for in Tokyo.

But perhaps the Japanese have had unhappy experiences when they were counted.

…despite earlier denials, the Census Bureau was deeply involved in the roundup and internment of Japanese Americans at the onset of U.S. entry into World War II.

The academics say the Census Bureau’s involvement included identifying concentrations of people of Japanese ancestry in geographic units as small as city blocks, lending a senior Census Bureau official to work with the War Department on the relocation program and a willingness to disclose names and address of Japanese Americans.

But that was in the US, it could never happen here in our Samaritan State.              Or could it?


One response to “Half truths and the census

  1. Parker Gibbs

    Let’s get this straight. 46% of those who answered the survey acknowledged that they don’t tell the truth while 54% claim to tell the truth. Was either group telling the truth? The first group has truthfully acknowledged that they lie. Can we believe them? What if those who claim to have told the truth are not telling the truth? The truth be told, none of them are telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Short form or long form, mandatory or voluntary, very few people tell the whole truth all the time. The validity of the census is entirely in the mind of the beholder as is the census interpretation. Fake, fake, fake! Not that there’s anything wrong with that!